I've Seen Footage by Death Grips

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but karaemurphy was first  


kippysmallsocks 19 Jun 2014

It's taken me a month or so to get there, but i am calling AOTY.   1

sondh 5 Jul 2012

First jam of 2015! Been listening to a fair bit of Death Grips lately but this is pretty much the only song of their's I feel I could share with others without AS much funny looks as if I were to share anything else from them so...enjoy. ;D

bootenhoven 4 Feb 2015

Will you play Grips at your new year's eve party??? :p

goldeneudemon 31 Dec 2012

Compelling both sonically and videonically... though parts of the video may not be for the foot-fungus-phobic   5

thesunneversets 19 Apr 2012

I seen footage, I stay noided   1

kittenzmittenz 16 Sep 2014