No Love by Death Grips

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Death Grips are a lot of things to different people, but to me they're quite simply one of the most experimental, one of the bravest, one of the rawest and one of the smartest punk outfits of all time

justjoe 4 Dec 2013

You're fit to learn the proper meaning of a beatdown Madness, chaos in the brain Let my blood flow, make my blood flow through you, mane You got no business questioning a thang

_kmcq 22 Jul 2015

In honor of the upcoming release of the heavily anticipated Jenny Death here is a personal favorite track by Death Grips. This song is like most Death Grips songs very hard hitting! Enjoy!

AlexEliason 26 Mar 2015

the proper meaning of a beat down

jebreject 19 Feb 2014

New Death Grips is always good Death Grips.

Liana 1 Oct 2012

i'll just leave this here, since despite all of my prog, psych, and new wave fixations, i've been listening to Death Grips pretty much constantly these days.

neomarvelbunny 28 Jun 2014