Crystal Mountain by Death

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Top Metal Albums: #7. Death - Symbolic (1995) -- An utterly flawless album -- tight, well-structured, well-produced, never a dull moment, never a note out of place. For some death metal fans it was too flawless. While Symbolic was very well received overall, there were grumblings about the glossy, streamlined production, higher vocal register and diminished commitment to "true" death metal...and that's simply a matter of taste. But the claim by some that Symbolic merely retreads the ground that was laid out on Individual Thought Patterns is wholly ridiculous . While there may not have been the same evolutionary leap as was made on ITP, and especially on Human, easily Death's second best effort, Symbolic perfects the vision of their previous release to such a staggering degree that it entirely supplants its predecessor. Symbolic may not be the definitive Death album, but it is certainly the best.   3

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We miss you, Chuck.

zareensuxx 4 Aug 2013

genius #ChuckSchuldiner

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