Keep On Knocking by Death

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but nigelfordham was first  

No matter how long you live, no matter how hard you try, you ain't never gonna be this cool.

roobe 24 Jan 2015

After Jimi, before The Ramones, there was Death   6

simonp 25 Feb 2014

Watched a really great documentary about this band last night , and had to jam this one -   1

Lateman 24 Sep 2013

Your periodic reminder that this song is awesome, and if you haven't seen the documentary "A Band Called Death" you should fix that at once.

TJtheHeadphoned 2 Apr 2015

Finally found these guys last week. Listen to the album. Watch the documentary. It's awesome and tragic.

Smellyrebel 28 Apr 2014

A band originally made up by three African-American brothers from Detroit, Michigan. Though the band broke up back in 1976 and their guitarist sadly passed away in 2000 due to lung cancer they were revived in 2009 when the three sons of the lead singer and vocalist started a band called Rough Francis and began performing the songs by Death. Back in the 1970's they couldn't get a record deal due to their band name being too controversial but no matter what they wanted to keep the name. Eventually the record company Drag City developed an interest in the bands music and signed them up for a record deal. This album is comprised of some of their recordings from 1975 and wasn't released until February of 2009. I picked my personal favorite called "Keep On Knocking"

AlexEliason 22 Jan 2015