Snakeskin by Deerhunter

“Unexpected freshness from Deerhunter.”

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Unexpected freshness from Deerhunter.

PaulClancyNL 18 Aug 2015

Kind of ironic that the year that is becoming such a stellar one for new music, is the very same one in which TIMJ shuffles off this mortal coil. This is the mesmeric new track from Deerhunter's forthcoming album. #last jams   2

BelloDiNotte 21 Aug 2015

This is fabulous!   9

abigail.deeks 17 Aug 2015


AttackingToms 25 Aug 2015

I give so many shits about this release. My money's on it for album of the year potentially, if it can beat out the latest Sufjan

justjoe 18 Aug 2015

Not going out with something old, I'm looking forward with something new. It's been so wonderful spending time with you all. Can't believe TIMJ is nearly over...   1

davidovitch 18 Aug 2015