Rock of Ages by Def Leppard

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one of my favorite songs ever!

NellaD 18 Jan 2013

Got my tickets for the Def Leppard and KISS concert. Gotta say, I'm pretty pumped about this one.   3

metallicagirl 22 Mar 2014

Is on a mix CD in my car.

ek6891 13 Apr 2015

Dear Monday, gunter glieben glauten globen. Sincerely, me   1

marjohn626 23 Sep 2013

It's better to burn out, then to fade aaawwway!!!!!!!

rdprice64 9 Apr 2014

I finished my NaNoWriMo novel at 5:15 this morning, and I made sure to go out listening to this, as it should be. #NaNoWriMo   2

droppingstitch 30 Nov 2014