The Rock by Delakota

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but rowanc was first  

For the end of summer, one of my favorite summer songs. It's all about that looped riff, I'll be honest.

graemem 30 Aug 2013

Thanks to @jagwarma for reminding me of Delakota, lovely hazy summer tune from yesteryear (15 years ago omg)

whereismyquiz 10 Jun 2013

In which a summer song from more than a decade ago speaks to my jetlagged mindset.

graemem 22 May 2013

Why were these lot not massive? This album is ace from start to finish :)

JakeGeen 12 Oct 2014

one hit wonder

MrF1978 10 Mar 2013

This song is keeping me happy today. The Rock by Delakota.

gandhipants 17 Sep 2013