stml’s jam on 9 Feb ’13 and then once after that (See all)

“Autumn and the great return. Again.”

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Autumn and the great return. Again.

stml 31 Oct 2013

everyone I've ever known is here, with me

Gem 18 May 2013

Emotive electronica more in the vein of the XX and Burial than a south london Sisters of Mercy

hughesrt 20 Jan 2013

Second Deptford Goth track in as many weeks. So good.

DerekCrook 24 Feb 2013

heres the alt sound of 2013! beautiful, hypnotic electronic music by @deptfordgoth out on brill @MerokRecords

KierBoyo 11 Dec 2012

Today's left me needing a bit of a warm audio hug. (Also rather psyched about hearing him play it tomorrow) .

markrdavison 23 Apr 2013