Dream Lover by Destroyer

“I always love a good rock song with strong saxophones.”

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I always love a good rock song with strong saxophones.

Matt___F 6 Jun 2015

How does he get exuberance and melancholia in the same room? Really looking forward to this record.

AVCinFLA 22 Aug 2015

Happy notes! Dan Bejar, a.k.a. Destroyer, is releasing a new album - "Poison Season" - on August 28th! This is the first song that's released from the album! Horns! Dan's voice! All!

pivic 21 May 2015

August 28. Let's mark our calendars.   1

doqtor 21 May 2015

New DESTROYER (Dan Bejar) is on the way. Featured at Chimpbot Radio this week: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Chimpbot-Radio/263653866982890 Email 'SUBSCRIBE' to metalbeard@gmail.com for a free daily song in your inbox! #Destroyer #DanBejar #SongOfTheDay #ChimpbotRadio #PoisonSeason

gillig 17 Aug 2015

Destroyer's "Kaputt" is my favorite album so far of this decade, so I'm anxiously awaiting the new album in August. This song has a Springsteen/Van Morrison kind of vibe to it.   2

kfarrnd 22 Jun 2015