Girl in a Sling by Destroyer

“Because it's Destroyer. Why else?”

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Because it's Destroyer. Why else?

treblekicker 18 Aug 2015

Love this new Destroyer track.

jentoogood 22 Jul 2015

For some reason The Man is shitting on me again and won't let me play the version with the official video. Thankfully the song is good enough to make is on its own.   3

grumpy 13 Jul 2015

Digging this new one from Destroyer. With such a different sound than "Dream Lover" I'm not sure what to expect of Poison Season as a whole, except that it won't disappoint. (The video's worth a look, but Vevo is against free publicity as usual; otherwise I would've jammed this days ago.)

okaythen 14 Jul 2015