Shabop Shalom by Devendra Banhart

“The Yiddish Presley Connection / for @parafoxa :)”

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The Yiddish Presley Connection / for @parafoxa :)   27

d0minic 15 Nov 2013

Jewish musical puns! What's not to like?

wateracre 15 Dec 2011

Whenever I'm in a foul mood, I gotta see you in your Talmud - This song never fails to make me smile.   3

ken1 6 Apr 2012

100% kosher

mich8bsp 2 May 2015

Devendra Banhart being a little less stalky than usual. But only a little. Also, he appears to be wearing a Lakers jersey which is eight times too small for him. And if I'm not very much mistaken, that's Golden Gate Park on this video.

aidenwylie 21 Jan 2014

Who wrote the Book of Job? Who wrote the Dead Sea Scrolls?   2

EnemyOfPeanuts 30 Jul 2012