(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction by Devo

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Love this cover. #devo   5

sorrybutno 3 Aug 2015

RIP Alan Myers   3

thefamilyghost 28 Jun 2013

Devo got the rights to the song by telling Mick Jagger he could make a shitload of money. We are Devo!

ohmyyes 15 Feb 2012

A little De-evolution for a Sunday.

eeeThree_ed 14 Jun 2015

The Rolling Stones recorded '(I Can't Get No), Satisfaction' 49 years ago today....but I'm still partial to this version.   1

jrasmussen 13 May 2014

vacation is over, but i still can't get me no no no no no satisfaction   4

monaremlawi 20 Aug 2012