F For You (feat. Mary J Blige) by Disclosure

“Next level: Unlocked.”

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We can't find this song online. Make it your jam if you know a good link! :)

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but whateverson was first  

Next level: Unlocked.   1

pellitero 23 Jan 2014

(changing source, coz og soundcloud URL got taken down)

whateverson 24 Jan 2014

lying on the couch trying to relax when this song comes on...who could relax, when its time to dance???!!! Love the beat, the sound, and of course I love MJB. First time I have heard it and ..LOVE LOVE LOVE it.

karenkmellor7 11 May 2014

Fell in love the first time i heard it

leotov 14 Feb 2014

This track has everything you could want from a classic pop song dance track; an amazing production, an uplifting bassline underpinning melancholic lyrics and an amazing female vocal line. Upon hearing this remix, it immediately became one of my favourite dance tracks of all time. Simply superb.

ncplewis 1 Mar 2014

Bloody hell, this is great.

juderogers 24 Jan 2014