Building Steam With a Grain of Salt by DJ Shadow

“Oh, but just OH. The Piano, the drums, the melody....OHMYHEARTISSOARINGSOHIGH.”

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but jachee was first  

Oh, but just OH. The Piano, the drums, the melody....OHMYHEARTISSOARINGSOHIGH.   1

DELAUNAY 7 Oct 2014

"Endtroducing": one of the most enduringly strange and brilliant albums in my collection   3

TBBYNH 10 Nov 2013

Happy new year Jammies and Jammettes. 'The music's coming through me.'   1

GSA219 2 Jan 2015

"Building Steam with a Grain of Salt" is built around a looped piano melody, with various other musical elements entering throughout the song's duration: interview samples, a women's choir, bass fills, electronically-altered drum kicks, and a funk guitar."

Dosman 27 Oct 2014

picked this up on vinyl the other day, and this song has been stuck in my head ever since... such a killer track!   3

neighto 17 Feb 2015

I'd forgotten how awesome Endtroducing was...   1

katylindemann 27 Aug 2015