Midnight in a Perfect World by DJ Shadow

“*dusts off the record* says: "it's been a while".”

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*dusts off the record* says: "it's been a while".   1

tobiassvn 16 Jun 2015


tozels 26 May 2015

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arthurcdoran 14 Jun 2013

Insight foresight more sight!

DirtyF1 31 Jan 2015

it's been another Trip Hop week here at the Clift house with a dash of instrumental hip hop thrown in for good measure. Now I know most people think Dilla is the be all end all of turntrablizm, but in my mind Shadow will always be without parallel

justjoe 27 Jun 2015

finishing with my eternal jam ∞. extended version, obviously.

jo 21 Sep 2015