I.G.Y. by Donald Fagen

“Easy listening soft-jazz cheese. Love it to death...”

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Easy listening soft-jazz cheese. Love it to death...

wookieshan 18 May 2015

I need to look out my spandex jacket   3

alwaysred 10 Feb 2013

i'm an underwater rocket train with tail fins and a dining car serving cream cheese lobster rolls and brandy   9

jzetlen 11 Nov 2011

Getting back in touch with my intellectual side as I apply for grad schools and feeling techno-optimistic and good about society. Maybe someday... A just machine to make good decisions Programmed by fellows with compassion and vision

chelseajams 17 Aug 2014

For old friends.

Amodiabolik 12 Oct 2014

Stuck in my head thanks to @jsnell and @bleedsixcolors.   1

bugcounter 2 Oct 2014