Last Dance by Donna Summer

“Thank you TIMJ. It's been fun.”

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Thank you TIMJ. It's been fun.

cdh111 25 Sep 2015

Just saw Thank God it's Friday again last week and am loving this song all over again. Memories...   1

Ja2theMo 11 Feb 2012

Last Jam. Pour a 40 on the curb for the site (and for Donna). Play it loud, share it, and jam the night away to celebrate the end of an era.   1

slaymonstrobot 23 Sep 2015

Boy, she could really hold a note! The Queen of Disco, Miss Donna Summer.

dulcinea3 15 Sep 2015

#Goodbye #TIMJ!   1

decktonic 10 Aug 2015

I'm really going to miss everyone!   4

victoriaozelle 9 Aug 2015