Letter of Intent by Ducktails

“I can see your hipster side now...”

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I can see your hipster side now...

rainbowasi 20 Mar 2013

No guitars in New York City / Stepping out of every cab / Kiss Picasso, Woody Allen  / Make the best of what we have

loversandhaters 21 Sep 2015

Been in my head a little recently, maybe it's the juxtaposition of the female lead and the synth? Either way, I feel like it's a little funny choosing Real Estate last week and then a side project but eh, deal with it.

cheeriersandals 29 Mar 2014

To pep up my TIMJ life and because Spring is on its way, I give you: '7 Days of Romantic Songs 2013'   2

Lililololaure 21 Mar 2013

Another sunny day in London = our excuse to keep the summer vibes going.

TeamJamPicks 25 Apr 2013

They are cooler than you (and me, I am not cool).

IamSamRutter 5 Nov 2014