Our Love Goes Deeper Than This by Duke Special

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Weird and hilarious video, plus a special appearance by Neil Hannon! #mybestfriendismoving3000milesawayweek :(   4

petillante 1 Oct 2013

I wanted to jam this with Tim Michen singing too https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yq-O2fatZ2M but I prefer the original video   9

lindatee 26 Jun 2014

Truly Scrumptious!   18

abigail.deeks 20 Aug 2013

Great Duke Special gig in Reading on Saturday. This is always a good crows singalong: 'NO! Aaah aah aah aaahh!'

hatbirder 29 Apr 2015

Well this is the best thing ever. Duke Special's love goes deeper than what. Well I ask you. You needn't answer. <3

ajdehany 16 Oct 2014

"I sent a rose, a blackened rose, to atone for my mistreating"

joepurdy255 9 Mar 2012