Hungry Like the Wolf by Duran Duran

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It's #RaisedByWolves Day again!! "Simon Le Bon! Le Bon is French for 'The Bon', y'know?!" :D

ElmoBerry 23 Mar 2015

Hello, summertime.

MarkKriegsman 8 Jun 2015

memories of summer's past

Ryokanfan 27 Jul 2012

Guilty pleasure.

fraserhouston7 9 Apr 2015

Classics never die they just disappear for a while.

TheWrongCast 2 Mar 2015

#80sinApril. White linen jackets, check. Pastel colored headbands, check. Sunglasses with side guards, check. These guys are about as 80s as you get. Loved this album as a kid.  This song was number 17 on the Billboard Top 100 for 1983   5

kfarrnd 14 Apr 2014