Ordinary World by Duran Duran

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Because my neighbour complained about my noise levels and I applaud the song that broke the camel's back

Pampleluce 29 May 2015

Popped up on shuffle, reminding me what a great song this is.

nialbriody 2 Jul 2015

Ok, a wee bit of housekeeping. Thank you all, my trusty followers (Albert & Enid Tatlock) for your awfully nice comments, on my 100th Jam, just past. You brought a tear to an old Jammer's eye. I noticed with no little sadness, someone taking a leave of absence after posting their 100th. Sadly for you lot, there will be no such respite here. You don't get rid of me quite so easily. Can't recall if I've posted a Duran boys song. One could be forgiven for wondering just what the heck an old proggist would see in a bunch of pretty boy 80s romantics. Well, whilst in my 20s, resting from my beloved prog, I did take to these chaps, amongst others. Their slick looks & videos, appealed to my inner Miami Vice, or I possibly just couldn't be arsed wearing socks. Mid-80s, they vanished like Dynamo, only to reappear in '93, with this all growed up, sophisticated pop classic. Like a wee squirrel, I've got some Jams stored up. This wasn't one, but on hearing it again, realise it should have been...   55

21schizoid 6 Aug 2014

This is the only song I know about this aspect of loss.

EarShy 24 Sep 2015

had an almost religious experience driving to this in California/Nevada   2

jamesyuill 4 Nov 2013

Genre: Soft rock...blissful music♪♪♪

titusfrancis54 14 Jan 2015