Property Lines by Dusted

“Just fantastic... Thanks again Brian Borcherdt!”

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Just fantastic... Thanks again Brian Borcherdt!   2

spook_school 19 Nov 2012

Zeer mooi liedje met een zeer catchy gitaar...

desjours 29 Jul 2012

So much music, so little memory left inside my head. I heard this at Chipotle yesterday and luckily my Soundhound app could pick the song out from among the frenzied burrito chat. I knew I recognized it, I knew I loved it, I almost thought that I owned it, a quick check of my iTunes library revealed that I did. So sorry I forgot about you, 2012 song "property lines" by Dusted.

jbj 28 May 2014

Brian Borcherdt's new project, I like! All a bit Neil Young-ey. Hope it doesn't mean the end of Holy Fuck tho!   1

jameswragg 20 Jul 2012

Some great Canadian rock.

ingridwildeman 15 Dec 2013