Breakfast In Bed by Dusty Springfield

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Not xmassy. Not one of my #picksof2014 but it's in my head and that' why it's my new jam. Jam.   3

purlpower 6 Dec 2014

Classic Dusty #FoodWeek   6

tomdwilly 19 Jul 2014


ErikFHelin 26 Jan 2015

"You don't have to say you love me". Dusty acting like one of those "Smoking Women In The Street", that the Reverend warned us about. I'm having a Breakfast In Bed Week.   51

kemiladashdot 8 Apr 2014

Elegantly sordid. The nega-Jolene.

Wheeler 8 Dec 2011

Dusty.   3

riddsteve 21 Sep 2014