Possessed by Eagulls

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but Darina was first  

So out of touch with new music since I lost my job (suggestions, anyone?) but I liked this a lot when I just heard it.   3

Olimite 26 Mar 2014

Four more days to September. #finaljams Saw this band live about a year ago without having heard them before, but I'm just starting to get into their album now.

Winsord 28 Aug 2015

Good bands we saw at #Latitude No.2;

stickman104 27 Jul 2014

Going to see this band next Saturday at the Jericho. There are a few bands at the moment that sound like this, but these guys have the tunes. There is a no doubt apocryphal rumour that the Letterman audience thought it was going to be The Eagles hence the delirious cheering at the start.

timscience 13 Oct 2014

Just heard this, this week. Starting to dig.

party_cakes 18 Jun 2014

I dig the Eagulls 80s sound, the grungy guitars and just their general attitude. Good jam for winding down the week.

danieleizans 8 Jan 2015