Party All The Time by Eddie Murphy

#yearinjam is finished - now do as the man says. Thanks @JasonDC for posting it first.”

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#yearinjam is finished - now do as the man says. Thanks @JasonDC for posting it first.   8

TeamJamPicks 31 Dec 2012

During the #musichackday Paris 2 I was addicted to this song, I don't why my girl wants to party all the time :-)

neomoha 8 Apr 2014

Theme: 1986 The seventh most popular song of 1986 for some god-forsaken reason. Beverly Hills Cop, Raw, Delirious, 48. hours, and Trading Places were behind him. He was at a career high and it was time to do what everyone was clamoring for - cut an album with Rick James. He was rewarded with the rapid tanking of his career in just 3 years. Indeed the only worthwhile thing he has done since is "Coming to America." Unless you count The Nutty Professor or The Klumps, and I don't.

Mercurywaxing 11 Nov 2014

Rejam. Mostly cos the dancing at 2:25 will redefine your perception of what it means to be human. Hype.

dan_hill 10 Jan 2015

Started 2013 off with a lot of this.   3

Han 2 Jan 2013

Is this the best song ever recorded by a star of Coming to America? Yeah, probably.

ashponders 9 Mar 2014