If You Could Love Me by Edwyn Collins

markwtaylor1’s jam on 7 Mar ’12 and then 2 times after that (See all)

“Trying to get to 400 jams before it's all over... #398 #finaljams

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Trying to get to 400 jams before it's all over... #398 #finaljams   1

markwtaylor1 26 Aug 2015

Lovely man   1

susanswann 14 May 2013

Yeah. Just ... yeah.

DavidLewis 14 Feb 2012

It was Edwyn's birthday yesterday, so here is a lovely tune, which I may or may not have jammed before. Enjoy anyways. : ) . . . And suddenly the earth moved, the planets grooved, I fell down on my knees, when someone whispered take your leave, you're free to go, any way you please . . . #endofthejams   20

lindatee 24 Aug 2015

Up until about 2 weeks ago I hated Edwyn Collins. This was based on the one song I knew by him, and the way he looked (I know, I should know better). Then someone posted a tune from this album and I was smitten. And that is why I love TIMJ.   9

grumpy 15 Aug 2013

A tune by Mr @EdwynCollins that definitely deserves a lot of love.   2

CanaanLane 23 Jul 2013