Wonderful, Glorious by Eels

“Bye bye jammers. Lovely to meet you all.”

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Bye bye jammers. Lovely to meet you all.   1

designthinker5 24 Sep 2015

13'S TOP 20 (IN NO PARTICULAR ORDER) - A family favorite. Even our three year old chimes in, singing "wonderful, glorious" along with the chorus. I couldn't find the studio version, so this one'll have to do. Just a great song

sweeter 14 Dec 2013

Take a breath, look up and remember, it's Friday. Eels - Wonderful, Glorious

JaymzWildz 21 Mar 2014

E is still great, even though less bearded!   1

Parleone 20 Nov 2013

I've finished my finals, the sun is finally shining, Eels is one of my favorite bands, everything's awesome!   1

EmmaRosendal 27 May 2013

A live version? Ok then. Let's have a listen.

indefensible 12 Jul 2013