Puncture Repair by Elbow

pat’s jam on 28 Dec ’11 and then once after that (See all)

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but pat was first  

Simple and to the point. Another Beaty from Mr Garvey and Co.

Grayling 25 Feb 2013

Not an obvious entry point if you're new to Elbow, but now go and listen to all of Leaders of the Free World.   1

seanpurdy 21 Apr 2013

Caught another live version of this on the iTunes Festival the other day. Simple and simply beautiful.

pat 11 Sep 2012

In preparation for seeing Elbow live in a couple of weeks....another sombre one, but it fits my current mood!

irsmith99 13 Jun 2012

Thank you to the people we love the most.

ConorGarry 20 Apr 2013

First of a series of sub-2 minute tunes. Guy Garvey isn't all arm-waving choruses

GrahamDJohns 10 Aug 2013