The Night Will Always Win by Elbow

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but purplelavalamp was first  

Guy Garvey: "If you are missing someone, don't do it alone and don't do it at night" I Miss your stupid face!

Grayling 9 Sep 2012

Saw Elbow for the 5th time this week (a proud transparent boast!) & this song was performed exactly the same!   1

MinxyMino 8 Dec 2012

This always comes to mind on one of those days/nights

gemmanewbury 1 Feb 2013

MyJam forces me try new music (new to me of course)

DEANHDAVID 30 Mar 2014

I miss your stupid face. Such a beautiful song   2

LukeFerg 15 Sep 2012

"Well, did you trust your noble dreams And gentle expectations to the mercy of the night?" <3 Missing missing faces <3

yojo 2 Apr 2014