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As TIMJ is coming to an end as we know it, here comes a few standout songs I will never tire of listening to, starting with #ELO #MrBlueSky

simonhooper1 9 Aug 2015

2015 is declared as the Year Of Light!...sun and sky are the natural source...

titusfrancis54 8 May 2015

Some songs travel in your head forever. #hopeyoulikeit   5

jovisgoesnuts 25 Apr 2015

Chun, chun, chun,chun, chun... The sun is shining in the sky...

cookedere 19 Jul 2015

Jams from the music team at The CDCard Company -   4

acardandagift 29 Apr 2013

TIMJ's been extended another 26 days--yay!   6

Vickipedia 31 Aug 2015