Funeral for a Friend/Love Lies Bleeding by Elton John

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this has always held a special place in my heart. seems appropriate now   3

hsmagnet 14 Aug 2015

Theme: My Birthday (1973) There were a lot of hits off this album in 1973. The only thing that stopped them from releasing more singles was that Elton had a new record coming out in 1974 and they didn't want this album to get in the way of it. "Harmony" "All the Young Girls Love Alice" and this track were left out of rotation here in the US so they could hype Caribou with "Don't Let the Sun go Down on Me." This is my favorite track.

Mercurywaxing 29 Sep 2014

Oh my God.

pcalves 10 May 2013

Happy birthday to one of the most fabulously flamboyant frontmen of all-time, Mr. Reginald Dwight! If you've never heard this tune, give it a whirl. Truly epic. I'd LOVE to hear him tear into this live.

gfunk 25 Mar 2014

First heard this on a John Peel show. Elton recorded some ace songs in the 70s :-)

MirandaKitten 28 Mar 2015

For our lovely little cat Daisy, who died yesterday...

ErnieBilko 17 Oct 2014