My Father's Gun by Elton John

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Taupin and John: when they're good, they're very good indeed   6

tomdwilly 15 Aug 2013

Tumbleweed Connection is my favorite Elton John Album. Released in late 1970 it was my introduction to him & although I have loved other songs and albums by him nothing compares...I liken it to a first kiss. It was hard for me to choose just one track as I love them all for different reasons. This one just reminds me of families handing down history & responsibilities to the next generation also of fighting for freedom. Neither Elton John or Bernie Taupin had ever been to America yet Bernies fascination with the American old west helped produce this body of work. If you like this at all which I hope some of you will...check out the whole album sometime if you haven't already.   25

marissapicone 20 Jan 2015

Elton does The Band - if you'll pardon the expression   5

StuartEdwards 1 Jul 2012

Discovered this gem years ago with the Elizabethtown soundtrack. It always interests me when Brits sing or write about such an "American" thing such as the Civil War. This has a grittier feel than most Elton John songs. I love it.

AndreaEP 25 Nov 2013

Tumbleweed Connection just keeps getting better with time.

thomas 20 Dec 2013

A solid tune from my favorite Sir Elton album. He was firing on all cylinders back then.   7

kfarrnd 29 Oct 2014