Tiny Dancer by Elton John

EatMyHalo’s jam on 25 Sep ’15 (See all)

“Let's go out on an anthem.”

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Let's go out on an anthem.   10

EatMyHalo 25 Sep 2015

@SFOutsideLands just released their lineup and #EltonJohn is headlining! Another childhood dream has come true! #outsidelands #OL2015   8

rvleonard 24 Mar 2015

I can't help always singing 'leather' instead of 'linen'. Very impractical sheets they'd be.   5

Snafflepuss 5 Sep 2015

Watched Almost Famous last week. The scene on the coach stuck with me. Terrific!   4

hindle4 17 Jun 2013

It's my happy song.   2

amortentia 13 Aug 2012

Pure classic. One of the all time great songs.   3

gingrich1 16 Nov 2013