Your Song by Elton John

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“One of my all time favorites of Elton John 🎼 @stevekrohn 🎶 @PFGREGG 🎧 @KuGeY 🎹 @cindycapo 🎷 Your Song”

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One of my all time favorites of Elton John 🎼 @stevekrohn 🎶 @PFGREGG 🎧 @KuGeY 🎹 @cindycapo 🎷 Your Song   1

Mott 8 May 2015

I always really liked Elton John, but I had never heard this song before. I also really like Ellie Goulding and she did a cover of this song, so I went to find the original. I love it so much.

RynTheFabulous 19 Feb 2015

Yours are the sweetest eyes I've ever seen

SkyRaincloud 17 Nov 2014

#sundaysoother #firstmusicvideo...I'm thinking of doing a bit of digging to find some artists first music videos - some will be popular some not so much...   16

SheRa 12 Oct 2014

Saw Sir Elton perform live recently. While he was playing 'Your Song', some jagweed in the audience started slicing onions.. or.. something.. like that.   3

eramos 14 Apr 2015

Hope you guys do not mind but this big heart needs some friday night sugar !

ceciliaberaba 1 Nov 2014