Your Song by Elton John

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“One of my all time favorites of Elton John 🎼 @stevekrohn 🎶 @PFGREGG 🎧 @KuGeY 🎹 @cindycapo 🎷 Your Song”

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One of my all time favorites of Elton John 🎼 @stevekrohn 🎶 @PFGREGG 🎧 @KuGeY 🎹 @cindycapo 🎷 Your Song   1

Mott 8 May 2015

Saw Sir Elton perform live recently. While he was playing 'Your Song', some jagweed in the audience started slicing onions.. or.. something.. like that.   3

eramos 14 Apr 2015

I always really liked Elton John, but I had never heard this song before. I also really like Ellie Goulding and she did a cover of this song, so I went to find the original. I love it so much.

RynTheFabulous 19 Feb 2015

Hope you guys do not mind but this big heart needs some friday night sugar !

ceciliaberaba 1 Nov 2014

come on this is pure genius.

donkeyattack 5 Jan 2012

#sundaysoother #firstmusicvideo...I'm thinking of doing a bit of digging to find some artists first music videos - some will be popular some not so much...   16

SheRa 12 Oct 2014