Beyond Belief by Elvis Costello


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I was waiting for the Caltrain and found this Elvis song suddenly stuck in my head.

atl 2 Dec 2011

#ABCsOfMe E is for Elvis Costello. Last week I bought the Uncut's Ultimate Music Guide starring Elvis and revisited some of his albums. Great stuff. This is a song from Imperial Bedroom.   1

Riekent 7 Dec 2014

I've got a feeling I'm going to get a lot of grief Once this seemed so appealing Now I am beyond belief   3

rathcooneykeena 14 Aug 2015

'History repeats the old conceits The glib replies the same defeats' Imperial Bedroom is a brilliant album   1

MaxRocks 21 Jan 2013

So in this almost empty gin palace through a two-way looking glass, you see your Alice ...   3

Section42L 5 Jul 2013

Happy 60th EC.   1

EvanRossio 25 Aug 2014