Daddy's Car by Eno • Hyde

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"Daddy's Car" by Eno • Hyde is my new jam. Love this type of polyrhythmic art-pop.

seaworthy 12 Aug 2014

My new jam is "Daddy's Car"by Eno.Hyde. Two of the good guys working together.Always like a bit of Karl Hyde.

scott_steve 12 Jun 2014

'Daddy's Car' is the second song to be heard from Brian & Karl's 'Someday World' album and follows the album's first track 'The Satellites'.   1

jonnyneale5 11 Apr 2014

Imagine making music this good when you're 65 years old. Honestly, Brian, I don't know how you do it.   2

davidovitch 24 Apr 2014

Two of my very favourites get together and produce ... happy pop. In a good way.

theeequaliser 24 May 2014

Number 7 in my Top 10 albums of 2014 is "Someday World" by Brian Eno and Karl Hyde. Hyde's best album since "Beaucoup Fish" and this is Eno's best song since "Seven Deadly Finns" (IMHO that is).

LewisBevan 26 Dec 2014