The Belldog by Eno Moebius Rodelius


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RIP Dieter Moebius   1

spikelynch 20 Jul 2015

Most of the days we were at the machinery.

simonides 21 Jun 2013

Theme week: Brian Eno's greatest lyrics   2

laerm 31 Jan 2014

rest in peace, moebius. R put this on a mix tape for me, one of the very first when we started dating. i clearly remember driving out to arlington for god knows what bureacratic reason, something to do with getting a new title because the van/my residency had crossed state lines, during a hellacious rainstorm on like a wednesday morning (this was when my work schedule was wonky as all get out). this came on, and everything went from annoying to just right in a flash. it became one of my "driving to work" anthems for like a good solid year, along with pylon's "working is no problem" and some archers of loaf song, i forget which. really, i'm hardpressed to think of better songs than this in general, the grand scheme of things.   3

ifjuly 22 Jul 2015

Apparently the Belldog came to Brian Eno in a dream, and is not the cheeky chappie in the background pic. #DogWeek   1

DavidShepherd 23 Oct 2014

Dieter Moebius (1944 - 2015)   1

edsu 20 Jul 2015