Springsteen by Eric Church

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"Is it spring or is it summer; the guitar sound or the beat of that drummer?" - Eric Church "Springsteen"

deschain 8 Apr 2013

You'll either get this and love it, or hate it with every bone in your body. Nothing I can do about that.   2

Ross_Brown_ 11 May 2012

Is it spring or is it summer? The guitar sound or the beat of that drummer? Best line ever!

juliamorning 15 Jun 2013

Of course, he had me at the title. Glad the rest of the song lived up to it.

rolhirst 22 Jul 2012

Nothing like 3 weeks in Canada to make you love country!   1

LadyJane 4 Sep 2012

Funny how a Melody sounds like a Memory.

transfergirl 21 May 2013