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“..of dogs and wolves...”

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..of dogs and wolves...

just 1 Nov 2014

Track Of The Day: http://news.qthemusic.com/2014/02/esben_the_witch_-_no_dog.html

QMagazine 10 Feb 2014

“No Dog” by #EsbenAndTheWitch (@WEAREEATW) is my new jam. #postrock #wickedTrack ♫ Listen:

obz 20 Nov 2014

This was the first track I ever heard by Esben & The Witch, from a split they did with a great band called Thought Forms. Rather than try to describe their sound, I will say that it should appeal to fans of Swans and Mogwai (so... everyone), although they're not quite as good as either.

rfranklin15 10 Feb 2015

No earthly idea what this is about, but it's a very entertaining racket.

markcmphillips 25 Sep 2014

http://musicdiaries.tumblr.com: Lowell, Peter Matthew Bauer, Odonis Odonis, Xiu Xiu, The White Birch, Little Dragon, Editors and Esben and the Witch   5

ellinem 7 Mar 2014