This City Never Sleeps by Eurythmics

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Forgot about this gem...   1

onelovepictures 18 May 2015

So sexy

Fattythedragon 9 Jul 2012

I remember listening to this on my Walkman when I first started commuting to London - a long time ago now!   2

Kimboinlimbo 25 Mar 2013

The fog outside shrouds the city but I know it's still there.

MylesC 20 Nov 2014

#Brainwashing Number Five...This song was featured in the film Nine and a Half Weeks...I saw the movie on cable and wondered what the hype was? Well the Movie Bombed in the US making 7 Million on a budget of 17 Million. But Thanks to our wonderful Friends in Canada, Australia and (My Favs) The UK the World Wide total was 100 Million. Not Bad for 1986. Kim Bassinger had to grovel around on the ground and act like a prostitute begging for money during the audition. She left crying and felt humiliated and didn't want anything to do with the movie - She of course changed her mind and though it would be" good for her as an actress". I can not attach the link for the back masked part, but I left the song up anyway. At the end of the song you hear: " I enjoyed making the record very good very good" So instead I included Kim Bassinger doing her research on what would "be good for her as an actress" If I get the link back - I will put it up ...sorry   21

SheRa 7 Apr 2015

Era el comienzo de "Los Ojos de la Noche" (y xq no me dejaste postear la de The Cure, @MyJam)

rossanapiccini 28 Sep 2013