I Can t Let Go by Evie Sands

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Very cool lady and song! Interesting backstory too: In 1965 Sands signed to the Blue Cat label of Red Bird Records; she toured with the Shangri-Las and began collaborating with the producer/composers Chip Taylor and Al Gorgoni with the release of the single "Take Me For a Little While". Prior to its release, a test pressing of Sands' recording was stolen by a producer, who shopped it to established Chess Records recording artist Jackie Ross. Ross and her producers loved the song, and recorded, pressed and released the record within 48 hours, beating Sands' version to the street by a week. Backed by the marketing and promotional muscle of Chess Records, and with Ross' name attached, this version unsurprisingly received the lion's share of airplay. The subsequent legal struggle set back Sands' career before it had had a chance to get started. Sands' follow-up single, "I Can't Let Go", was lost amidst the "Take Me" chaos, leaving The Hollies to score a hit cover in 1966.   3

Avante 16 Jun 2015

She's the one you want in your tug-of-war team.   2

seaofheartbreak 15 Feb 2015

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nickmoore 18 Sep 2015

Massive hook, dismissive sales. So, Evie didn't get rich on it in '65 but today it still sounds fantastic.

rvniko 6 Jun 2014

Finishing off the year the way I started it, with another track from my favorite gift of last year, Rhino's "Girl Group Sounds Lost & Found" box set. Happy new year!

staticstudios 30 Dec 2014

Just as Evie deserved to have success in the '60s, so too does this jam deserve to have way more likes on it!   10

ohheygreat 26 Jan 2013