Your Hand in Mine by Explosions in the Sky

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Working on a solo guitar version of this at the moment. I don't have enough fingers.   3

coldbrain 27 May 2015

Last ever jam because the site is closing down. Always this.

simonjpoole 16 Aug 2015

Today is a sad day for me. However, songs like this, athough they are depressing, give me hope

dekylgrmf 20 Jul 2015

When working, or walking around, or dreaming, or scheming... this hits the spot, and that right nicely!

cathesaurus 20 Aug 2015

A mountain of tedious work today, but at the same time looking forward to some time off... So today's Jam had to be something pretty special... And it is! From EITS's third album - The earth is not a cold dead place   3

marktee 31 Jul 2014

#sundaymorningmusic   3

thesunneversets 1 Jul 2012