Meet Me On The Ledge by Fairport Convention

“The A-Z of Traditional Music. F is for.....”

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The A-Z of Traditional Music. F is for.....   4

Paul_WE_Ingham 10 May 2013

I'm sure I've said this before, but a pretty convincing argument can be made for this being the greatest song of all time.

A_Silvers 8 Jul 2015

The ultimate classic folk/rock track   1

bootleian 22 Aug 2015

Jam #200. Thanks for all the music, folks, it's been a blast discovering so much new (and rediscovering so much classic) stuff. See you on the other side (uh, meet on the loop?)   5

riddsteve 22 Aug 2015

Day 28 for Powell & Bell (No great version of this available on Jam, but a better version added to the Spotify playlist ;)   1

FuriousPurpose 26 May 2013

OR... "Meet on the Noosicky" OR.... "Meet on the GodBox"......Whatever....AS LONG AS WE ALL MEET!!! "Meet on the ledge We're gonna meet on the ledge When our time is up, we're gonna see all our friends Meet on the ledge We're gonna meet on the ledge If you really mean it , well, it all comes round again"   37

debutch 20 Sep 2015