Immortals by Fall Out Boy

“I like their new stuff others might not :)”

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I like their new stuff others might not :)

milkdrinker132 23 Mar 2015

I can't get this song out of my head. Is there something wrong with me? :o ...BTW it's from Big Hero 6, which was loads of fun. :D   9

Drek 7 Jan 2015

Very decent album from Fall Out Boy, and this song is so catchy. Also part of the cutest movie of the year, Big Hero 6. Lovely!

piglovlet 4 Feb 2015

I think I've heard this song over 150 times. 95% of that being from watching Big Hero 6 with my little brothers.

SpaceGoatJr 22 Jul 2015

well that was what I get for trusting a vevo link to be the right thing.

Neveth 8 Feb 2015