Blackbird by Fat Freddy's Drop


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Their entire album "Blackbird" is pretty great. Really nice, soulful band.

mickeysirena 5 Aug 2013


migeubels 2 Jun 2014

Whats not to love about nearly 10 minutes of funk inflected soul with a swinging dub bass line and reverb drenched horn section.   6

luggy9 3 Dec 2013

WAIT STOP! Don't skip just because of this bands name! First of all thank you to¬†@lindatee for the introduction to this amazing band. I am in love!! Just close your eyes, picture a warm beach with a Reggae/Funk/Dub/Jazz band playing in the background. "Waiter, a pina colada for me and my friend please and @lindatee, pass the sunscreen.   16

christineb 10 Jan 2014

New out this month from New Zealand's Fat Freddy's Drop.

adammarshall 25 Jun 2013

Easily the best Fat Freddy's Drop album. If you haven't listened to this entire album from start to finish yet, you should get on top of that. #tight #kiwidub

dresdenshat 25 Apr 2014