The Ideal Husband by Father John Misty

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Navel gazing self loathing , saturated with cynicism and bitterness. What's not to love? It makes me smile

Tupon 8 Jun 2015

guys i am so obsessed right now with FJM it's embarrassing. it took me so long to get into--when the hype happened early this year i gave it a whirl and assumed almost immediately it wasn't for me but felt sad bc it felt like i was missing why everybody loved it, AND I WAS. i may wind up jamming like an album's worth of songs eventually--"true affection", "nancy from now on", "holy shit", "funtimes in babylon", "bored in the USA", "nothing good ever happens at the goddamn thirsty crow", "when you're smiling and astride me", "i went to the store one day", etc. i really, really, REALLY want to see him play down the street in october. so badly. we'll see.

ifjuly 25 Jun 2015

i finally listened to i love you, honeybear and it is good   1

emilyjwinthrop 27 Jul 2015

In a year when Sufjan made a concept album about death this is still the darkest song of the year.

ErikFHelin 23 Sep 2015

Strong contender for album of the year.   1

lukegodber 9 Mar 2015

This is just fucking fantastic - as is the whole album.

derekrocks 12 Feb 2015