The Night Josh Tillman Came To Our Apartment by Father John Misty

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'And the malaprops make me wanna fucking scream...'

SnoozeActive 12 Feb 2015

she says like literally music is the air she breathes / and the malaprop makes me wanna fuckin' scream / i wonder if she even knows what that words means / well it's literally not that...

TheMelancoholic 9 Feb 2015

I like love songs that are actually hate songs

welteislehre 16 Apr 2015

A pretty scathing(and as a result, funny) portrayal of a one-night stand from the excellent 'I love you, Honeybear'.   3

BelloDiNotte 1 Jul 2015

Those who know me know that I'm not so much of a lyrics man. This album (and, especially, this song) is definitely an exception. #Fresh and bang on point. Gutted I couldn't get to the #6music Festival and see them live...   1

TobyPrivateer 22 Feb 2015

Mmmmm father john misty😍 allll day everyday

JulieShea 2 Jun 2015