A Good Heart by Feargal Sharkey


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A Good Heart Is Hard to Find, noted Feargal Sharkey. Team #WicDiv is much easier to find, being at K10 in Artist's Alley at NYCC. Yes.   1

kierongillen 9 Oct 2014

A fine tune and... some really dodgy dancing.

ElmoBerry 28 Jan 2013

So nostalgic. Makes me feel safe.   2

Pinklilycat 18 Aug 2013

This song bounded onto our radios here in NZ way back in 1985/6, and refused to go away... Once heard, cannot be unheard... This is quite a catchy tune, and so is his name... FEARGAL.

Marlboroman_Mat 16 Jul 2013

Iocnic 80s song

bootleian 20 Jul 2014

Friendly reminder that I was born too late...   1

cathycaffeine 21 Jun 2014