Primitive Painters by Felt

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“bye bye @ThisIsMyJam... Felt - Primitive Painters”

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bye bye @ThisIsMyJam... Felt - Primitive Painters

joejanecek 25 Sep 2015

Liz Fraser doing what she does best   2

TBBYNH 21 Jul 2013

Classic British 80s jangle pop off of their album "Ignite the Seven Cannons." Wish this video was in better quality!   1

Ipequey 15 Dec 2014

I *love* this song, but isn't this the most awkward video ever?   6

pauseliveaction 9 Feb 2013

A moment of pop perfection that sums up the effect of listening to it with it's own lyrics: "You're in a trance state." Another on my list of greatest songs ever recorded. Breathtaking.   2

Carey_Art 4 Apr 2015

Liz Fraser features on a lot of my favourite tracks. this one is particularly exquisite.

dbini 26 May 2015