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I'd be lying if I said the music video didn't influence how much I love this song.

KneeChee27 4 Mar 2015

Not only is this one of the most amazing videos I've ever seen, but the song is great. The rest of the band's music is consistent in that it sounds like the soundtrack to a sequel to Spike Jonez' Where the Wild Things are but everyone does a lot of drugs and some characters get naked and dance. The dancing bass space crow spirit twins are my favorite characters in this.

hexmartinez 15 Oct 2014

Trippy tunes by @FeverTheGhost "source' - sttyle and vid that reminds me of those British sows from the 80s

ausj3w3l 11 Apr 2015

I love the recurring visual motif with the two little bird-monsters dancing to that bass riff.

Pisscress 7 Feb 2015